Jun 18, 2012

Yeah Oh Yeah!

I have some records. The number is irrelevant, in the end, quality is the most relevant denominator, and oh so present. Trust me. Anyways, we can all agree that the number of records is increasing at a fast rate due to the availability in California of a dying species in Europe - record stores.
I have not counted, but there are probably around 500 records in my little collection, everything from indie, to rock, to jazz, to soul; from 'A.A. Bondy' to 'Zero 7'; from 'Alice in Chains' (one of the first bought) to 'Tallest Man on Earth' (latest bought). There is certainly something there for everyone to like.

Including Miss Cupcake. 

My lovely daughter's access to the world of rhythms and beats is however heavily conditioned  by a handicap - her height. And let's be clear; this handicap is not a coincidence, it has been thoroughly calculated by her dad that likes his records and does not want them to be covered in peanut butter and jelly with matching Hello Kitty stickers. 

This means she can only reach the last row due to a pending lack of space; between W for 'Weezer' and Z for 'Zero 7'. This has probably had some influence in her choice of favorite record, but it is still surprising that lately, at any times, the 'Yeah Yeah Yeahs's' record 'Fever to Tell' starts to blast from the living room. She will take the record, open it, open the record player, put it in, press play and blast up the volume. Then stand close to the speakers and keep the beat with her right foot. 

For those of you not familiar with "Yeah Yeah Yeah's', they are what my dad would label 'loud', and what the industry labels 'indie rock', led by the very charismatic singer 'Karen O', who has a tendency to break bones as she falls off the stage while jumping around. Take a listen for yourself

On the upside; great role model to become a strong young punk girl. Miss Cupcake's music education also starting to pay off. 

On the downside; I am starting to dislike 'Yeah Yeah Yeah's' after listening to it 400 times...

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