Jun 24, 2012

Happy Midsummer!

'Social media networks makes people connect and communicate'. That is the marketing slogan. We all know that the world of 'tweets', 'pins', 'shares' and 'likes' is all about comparing who is having the coolest life at this very moment. This is why I upload photos of our picnics at the beach, not when Miss Cupcake has made creamy topping in her diaper, and I only know because she checked with her hand and waves at me.

-'Look dad'! Yes... I can see. Looks, sticky....

The other day it was midsummer back home in Sweden, which means that the entire country spent the day barbecuing (Swedes can be impulsive, they just happen to have the same impulse to BBQ simultaneously). So I spent the entire day seeing the social networks overloaded with pork chops, sausages and ribs with perfect nature backdrops including sunsets. The fact that it was raining in San Francisco only made it seem even more like midsummer in Ikea-land.

So I got home sick.

This is when my wonderful wife stepped in and decided that we should do an alternative midsummer, gathered some friends to come over and we had hot dogs, Sweden inspired dessert and way too many beers.

Just like midsummer should be. So perfect that I will post it to all social networks. 

1 comment:

  1. What an excellent Midsummer!
    We will BBQ and eat herring.rain or shine, when you all come. (Southern expression. "Y'all.)