Jun 16, 2012

Did You Notice I Was Gone?!?

Sorry I have been off for a while. And I do hope you have noticed...  Otherwise I will be upset.

Let's see if I have some valid excuses. How about mixing a 'moving left us exhausted' with 'I am actually off from work and trying to relax as much as possible' with a hint of 'not that much has happened lately'?

My apology for my absence from the blog lately is mainly directed to my dad who has repeatedly brought my attention to the fact that he is tired of watching the same post over and over again, even though he also points out the high level of fabulousness. And it is very fitting that it is my beloved dad who gets me to write again, as it is father's day tomorrow in the US.

So this is my tribute to all of you dads out there; who teaches our kids to jump from places they should probably not jump from, for being the strongest person in the world as you can open that jelly jar, for knowing how to fix about anything (even though it might mean going out and buying a new one), and mainly, for keeping our beloved mothers happy. 

And an especial 'you are awesome' to my dad; Thord! 

1 comment:

  1. Se te echaba de menos y muchoooooooo. Gracias por volver. Muchos besossss. Mamen