May 4, 2012

The Food Truck

-'Why don't we meet for lunch?" You should not generalize, so please allow me to. If you make that statement, and it does not matter if you are suggesting breakfast, lunch, brunch, dinner or any activity that requieres to sit down at a table and wait for someone to take your order and bring it back; you have little experience with kids. 

There are things that just does not work. And even though there are companies that suggest that 'Impossible is nothing', they are more than welcome to try and have Miss Cupcake sit down at a table for longer than 36 seconds. I am happy for her to sport Adidas gear while doing so, but the brand awareness will take a hit. 

Because in this case, 'Impossible it is'. 

The solution is to accept the fact. You just have to find an alternative that allows for more leg room, screaming room and food projection room. So next time, just ask:

'Why don't we meet at Off the Grid?'

This event is oh so wonderful in all kinds of ways; a different dinner plan for a Friday, great location (and I could be referring to the monumental views of the Golden Gate bridge, but I am of course referring to the pier building blocking the wind), a surprising food experience in both variety and quality, and live music to set the mood. 

However, I especially savor how it allows for parents like myself to actually go out to dinner and nag a hipster point or two while ducking flying samosas and wiping off red velvet cupcake frosting. 

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