May 9, 2012

The Art of Seduction

Yes, the greatest mystery of all times is the survival of human kind considering how men master the art of seduction. Maybe this is also a good time to give a big 'thank you' to whoever invented red wine. 

On behalf of all men - thank you!

Because really, what are our best moves?

'The Joey'
-Hey, how you doin'?

'The Idealess'
-Excuse me, you got the time?

'The Obvious'
-So... you are a girl, huh?

'The Judgment Manipulator'
-Can I buy you a drink?

'The Physical'
-Ups! [while bumping into the object]

'The Average Guy' -
[walks away without saying a thing]

There are people however who are amazing at approaching a stranger and in a natural, casual way, starting a conversation that triggers an interest in the person to get to know this stranger more. And I have never seen a person who manages to package grace, security and interest tickling communication in such a superior way as Miss Cupcake, as she walks up to a boy, stares at him for a while and then says;

'-Hi, my name is Leah. I have a pocket.

Note that this phrase has been patented, so don't think you can just steal it and harvest the fruits at your pleasure!! 

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  1. Natural seduction is just one of the few techniques to choose from. Its effectiveness however depends upon you and the person you are seducing. Thanks for this.