Apr 8, 2012

The Road Trip

The process of choosing a subject to write about on this blog is mainly focused around 'interest'. There is not much point of writing about something if I don't think that at least someone (read my mom) will find it of some value. At least a cute picture of Miss Cupcake. 

So in this case I should ramble on about our road trip from San Francisco, via Half Moon Bay (for breakfast), on to Big Sur, continue south the next day to Morro Bay and a second night in San Luis Obispo before going back up again. I would mention the incredible scenery in Big Sur of dramatic landscape that meets the force of the ocean, making you feel very small and insignificant. I would highlight the contrast of the noise of the waves smashing into the rocks compared to the complete and utter silence of sleeping in a cottage in the woods. I would end with mentioning the joy of being alone, only surrounded by nature and see traces of mankind only in some mail boxes, but see no houses around, only to stumble on a book shop of a great American writer, and his cat.

Bixby Bridge

Note hanging boats

To be honest the best part of the trip however was to spend three days alone with my wife (Miss Cupcake at home with the grandparents), and to take a nap in the afternoon, only to go to bed at 10.

Of course I will not mention that, as it is boring information, and makes us sound boring as well. 

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