Apr 7, 2012

Enjoy the Dinner

Easter was always a really special holiday for me, and as most holidays back in Sweden, it had very little to do with religion. Unless you count food as a religion, which you certainly could. And should. I spent my Easters at my grandmothers house, which stood quietly by itself on a mountain in the north of Sweden, surrounded by trees, snow, a moose or two, more trees and some trees. And lots of snow.  During a week in April, the silence be drowned in noise from the kitchen. 

Easter was about gathering the entire family and focus all energy at doing two things at professional level; to eat and to play in the snow. The playing in the snow is kind of self-explanatory, but the eating requires some additional information. In our family, we love to eat.

Example; during these days I enjoyed a family tradition which is as simple as it is brilliant - the double breakfast. I would wake up early and have breakfast with my grandmother who was always awake the first one, doing something like cooking or vacum cleaning. When the rest of the family woke up, I would have breakfast again. Mainly to support the cause. And the eating extravaganza only got worse after that; coffee and cookies around eleven, lunch at 12.30, some more coffe and cookies at three, and then dinner around six. You would of course claim you were not hungry, and you would of course eat at all times. With an additional night snack at 10 to not go hungry to bed. 

Now in the US, where you don't get a single day off for Easter thus undermining the existence of it, I kind of forget that Easter is around. Luckily the daycare of Miss Cupcake organized an Easter event that is completely in the lines of how we did it back in the days on a mountain back in Sweden; it as about playing (find the Easter eggs) and eating (chocolate!). 

Happy Easter everyone!

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