Mar 30, 2012

We Want Everyone to Win

I have already talked about a million times about how sports in the US is all about entertainment, so I am not going to repeat it now. Old news by now. So thirty seconds ago. Why repeat the same thing over and over again, total waste of time. So I am not going to say it... No... No way. Ah, well... crap! I can't do it! Just once more, I promise. Last time for sure.

It is one thing to see a game, and another completely different thing to see a game with nachos and a beer! And there are girls, and they dance with fuzzy things in their hands! Yes, fuzzy things! Seriously! And there is a DJ, a live band playing 'ceeeeelebrate good times - come on!' And did I mention the beer? And the girls?!?

This time we went to see LA Lakers vs. Golden State Warriors, and we had a blast. Mainly because we beers, and we were the only ones in the entire stadium rooting for both teams at the same time. Golden State Warriors as they are the home team and we are parents so we want everyone to be happy, and LA Lakers as they have the spaniard Pau Gasol on the team. I can only imagine what the guys behind us thought when we would stand up screaming when the Lakers slam dunked for two, only to five seconds later high five when the Warriors sank a shot for three. 

'Crazy foreigners' probably. 

Who won? The nachos. 

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