Mar 31, 2012

Imagine without Imagination

'All men are heroes in their dreams' is a line that has stuck with me. I will not undermine the credibility of this fine line by mentioning that I discovered it in a Jon Bon Jovi video back in the days when MTV actually played videos and did not indulge in reality shows about the preparations of rich families for their daughters sweet sixteen party (yes, I admit it. I got completely hooked on it. The mystery of what car they would they get was nerve-wracking! A BMW - awesome!). 

I do sometimes daydream, especially about other professions, mainly being a screen writer of feel good movies such as 'Little Miss Sunshine' or 'Juno' for example. I would not mind writing the books of Neil Gaiman either. But yeah, writing. Not scoring the last goal of the Champions League final or making the hit record surrounded by groupies. Nope, the nerd in the dark room writing book. Ah, well. It's an age thing I guess. Just as we claim anything with Miss Cupcake is due to her teething. Bad mood - teething. Not eating - teething. Having teeth - teething.

There is a point to this. Somewhere. And it is mainly around how you notice that you loose your ability to imagine things, to make up a different reality without the help of technology. When I look at Miss Cupcake having a picnic with her invited friends, and tells them about sharks that are swimming in the Space Needle in Seattle on a train, you kind of wish you could go back and do that again. 

I am sure there's an app for that on the Ipad or something.

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