Mar 29, 2012

Green, Green, Lovely Green

There is a Swedish saying which freely translates to; 'green is groovy'. And oh, it is groovy alright. Lovely green like in green forests, summer picnics in the grass, the smell of a hundred dollar bill or Irish people. Most important of all; the green card. It is actually slightly green with a photo of a person that looks slightly like someone that could be the evil twin brother of myself wanted in 20 states, and includes a lovely line that states - 'permanent resident'. 

'Permanent' as the markers Miss Cupcake use to paint on our walls, and 'resident' as living in one place. Yes, uncle Sam is stuck with us for a while now. 

As they would say here; it's like, awesome!  U.S.A! U.S.A! U.S.A!

Apart from all the bureaucratic advantages, my feeling is like when you are in the room of a very attractive woman (happens to me every night in my living room). Of course you stay on your best behavior, being a perfect gentleman, trying to have her think that you are at least an ok guy. When the woman walks out, you let out the air, relax, sit down with your feet on the table, let your belly out and let out that fart that has been trying to get your attention the last hour.  

The US is now my living room. Sorry for the smell. 

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