Mar 25, 2012

We Still Prefer Cupcakes

There is an ongoing joke in my family including my dad, bread and a butt (hint; in Swedish, the same word can mean 'to bake' and 'butt'. Why use different words when you can use the same? There is a financial crisis going on my friends!). Anyways, my dad is great at making bread, and he has done so as long as I can remember in all shapes and forms. 
It is very soothing to make bread. Actually, I would not be surprised if 'bread making' all of a sudden becomes the new Yoga for the San Francisco hipster community, always on the look-out for the next perfectly trendy nerd-cool thing. Cause let's face it; bread making is organic, it is hand craft to make the perfect dough ('image you are touching a breast' did not connect with my wife when I tried to explain how much pressure to apply...), you disconnect the brain from your favorite social media trending topic and receive soul patching excitement of seeing such simple things like flour, yeast and water grow up to become a beautiful, well-tasting bread. 

Of course, the best parts of bread making have been completely forgotten by the grown ups, like to cover yourself in flour, make hand prints in the dough, pull pieces of dough and insert them in your ear/mouth/nose and to test the level of bounciness of dough (zero from extensive research).

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