Mar 20, 2012

Trust your Super Power

It has happened a couple of times lately that friends that are expecting their first child ask for advice, or they might not even be asking but I'll give it anyways; 'ignore all advice and listen to your instinct'.

And it is amazing when you are about to have a child how you will get advice from everybody from family members, to doctors to the plumber on how you should or should not do things. Especially not do thing. There is always a book somewhere by a doctor who appears on the front cover with a white robe to prove he or she is an excellent doctor, and with a smile and a toy to make them look like someone you would trust your kid with. The theories in these books are very similar to any self-help book, based on 10 steps, 5 pillars or maybe a pie chart of some kind.

However no one; not the doctors, or families, not even the plumber, says anything about trusting your instinct. Because you have one, and it is freaking good. Because you can read all the books you want, and study all steps, pillars and eat all the pie you want, but when your child runs and trips over, it is all about instinct, and trust me, the parent instinct is on Spiderman level. 

Not even all the kryptonite in the universe could stop us!

To the infinity - and beyond!

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