Mar 4, 2012


The thing I like most about surprises is not the part where you jump up behind the sofa screaming 'surprise' and you have Marilyn Monroe jump out of a cake singing 'Happy Birthday' (considering personal preferences, in this case it would probably have been Dennis Lyxen in a bikini). No, I love the part where you freak out the person that is going to receive the surprise. It is kind of like when I tickle Miss Cupcake. The funniest part are not the tickles themselves, but to attack slowly from far away, her knowing what is coming, and bursting into laughter even before I have reached her from all the excitement. 

This is why I told Sexy Mom I had a surprise for her ten days before giving it to her. And I repeated it to her every day; calling her at work, posting it to social media networks and hiring airplanes to write it in the sky. I have asked her if she is good at tango, afraid of heights or if she would mind being on television. 

Like I said, I like to attack from far away. 

The worst part of living out in San Francisco is being very far away from our friends and family. These are the people we turn to when we have a bad day, and now they are not here, and sleeping when we are awake. I wanted Sexy Mom to feel a bit closer, so I asked all of these people to make a short video. What I forgot was that our friends are insanely creative, remember? So of course they did not just make a video saying 'hi'. Oh no, the videos include hippies in the woods, movie trailers, poetry, stop motion and a fantastic documentary on Spanish family life.

Sexy mom; I present to you your surprise. I hope you like it. 

An incredibly huge 'thank you' to all of you who took the time out to make a video, especially those who does not like to stand in front of a camera. You already know it, but you are the best!

1. The Man in the Woods
This message if from Dani Orviz, who if you did not know, has changed career and is now living in the woods. 

Nothing says 'sexy' like a full beard. 


2. Elia & Pablo
These two are not only amazing musicians, they are also pretty good movie makers considering the handicap of the 'steady hand' of Elia...

Huge plus for the 'movie festival' logo thing. I told you, these people always go too far with everything...

3. Reyes & Naveiras
I mean this in a good way, not calling you guys old or anything, but we always considered Reyes and Naveiras like our cool Madrid stand-in parents. And this video is the one that was most difficult for me to watch, seeing our old neighborhood makes me shed a tear, or two. 

4. Fernando & Joe
So, I mentioned that our friends are creative, correct? Just check this out; Fernando & Joe over in London not only created a stop and go movie including 1000 photos taking them three hours to edit the beast, they also created a back-drop to make it seem like it was sunny in London. 

Impressive to say the least!

5. Sara
Sara was very sweet as she was mostly concerned about the quality of the video, and being too late. Well, you were not too late, and the quality of the video is perfect, only that I had to convert it from evil  and dark Microsoft world to happy, fuzzy Mac world, which is why the video is sponsored by iSkysoft. Sorry about that.

6. The Family
Sexy Mom's sister Ana did this amazing documentary about their family, catching suttle details like the news reporter side of her mother comenting on the drinking habits of the youth.


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