Mar 6, 2012

Making Frankenstein

Science is a bit like women; something interesting and appealing, yet an unknown and somewhat scary practice including volatile substances prone to explode. It is something you can spend years researching without making any significant discoveries. It is a field where a test with the element that goes wrong, is a positive one as you now ruled out one of millions of ways to interact. 
Science is complicated. Not nearly as complicated as women, but still, complicated. That is why we would like to give a hand in how to approach it. 

About women, you are on your own. Just deal with it. 

1. Observe from a distance. You never know if something will blow up.

2. Take a closer look. The answer lies within the details. 

3. Very carefully, touch it. And of course, safety goggles are for losers. 

4. And most importantly - enjoy it! Science is fun!

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