Feb 21, 2012


There is a light train that runs through the hills of Silicon Valley across fields of trees, lakes and happy children dressed in Facebook t-shirts skipping about with iPhone buds in their ears. Ok, so that is not really true.Not much nature around, it is more like running past all the headquarters of big multinational companies such as Yahoo!, Canon, Google and Oracle. Taking this train makes you understand that you are in the epicenter of technology... and the wi-fi on the train obviously does not work. 

So why am I even on that train? So only around the corner from the Yahoo! office, there is a small company called eBay, that sell bays and other water related constellations, that is known for having very attractive women working there. So I decided to go over there to see if the rumor was true, and try to have lunch with one of them.

I can confirm the rumor; she is very attractive. 

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