Feb 17, 2012


The other day Miss Cupcake and I we went to the beach, I mean, did the tax return... whatever. You know what I mean. On the way there, I put on some Velvet Underground, obvious choice of music when you are with a toddler. Miss Cupcake sits in silence, looking out of the window as the pastel colored San Francisco houses passes by, before she all of a sudden looks at me and bursts out; 'papa - rock n roll'!

The feeling of a job well done! So proud! My two-year-old knows all about rock n roll! And if you do not believe me, check her out in a typical jam session at home.

She has it pinned downed - it is not about how it sounds, it is all about the attitude!

1 comment:

  1. love her!
    watch out guys! she´s having first steps to rock!!