Feb 21, 2012

All Onboard!

I was about 12-13 years-old the first time I traveled by plane going to Stockholm. Thinking about it now, the images that comes back is a mix of 1950:ies style 'Mad Men' where flying was very exotic for a son of the north pole, actually a kind of classy and exclusive way of transportation including dinner on a flight to Stockholm (note that it is a one our flight), mixed with a touch of the Flintstones where you have to run fast, really fast, to get the plane to take off. 

Yabba dabba lift-off! 

Lately the excitement for flying is something that has been replaced with mental pictures of waiting, endless security checks, waiting, delays and running fast, really fast, to get the plane to take off. Luckily the new generation still sees flying as great fun, or maybe should I say the perfect moment for a nap. Miss Cupcake does play with the advantage of actually being able to lay down in the seat without reaching Master Zen Yoga skills to double yourself - twice.

This President's Day weekend, we went to Seattle to re-connect with our roots; spending some days in freezing cold, reliving the old grunge music wave (it is still alive, at least in the sense of cover bands in the sandwich shops) and that weird feeling of going somewhere on holidays. We really enjoyed the city, including totems in all sizes, the Pike Place Market where the people of Seattle is funding it by buying tiles on the floor, and of course, the majestic (or as Sexy Mom puts it; 'kind of tiny, right?) Space Needle.


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