Feb 14, 2012

Love... Bah! Humbug!

Sorry, but I cannot help it. Valentine's Day falls under the same category as Halloween, that is Macy's sponsored 'holidays'. They do make a bit more sense now that I have kids as she does look awfully cute in a costume. 'Love Day' and 'Scary Day' simply just aren't holidays in my book, and you can argue if you even should qualify them as holidays just because there is a greeting card related to it. 

Not sure... I don't thing they can compete with 'real' holidays such as Christmas or the National Cupcake Day (December 15th if you didn't know it). Luckily Miss Cupcake visualize my feelings perfectly in this Valentine's card from pre-school; 'ok, I have to do it but I don't really want to'. Not much more to say but - Happy Valentine's Day everyone!

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