Feb 22, 2012

Am I really that old?

For some reason my dad and I was at the local museum in my home town Umea, Sweden one day. We were walking around looking at old stuff, when we came to one barn that was full of agricultural equipment. My dad started telling me about how he had used this machine and that tool when he was a kid, and then he suddenly froze at the realization that his childhood is now in a museum. I of course laughed at him and in the meantime life made a quick note to get back at me at some point.  

Payback time came this weekend at the Experience Music Project in Seattle. It is a very cool museum that featured the rise of the grunge music, what else, and while walking around I first had a feeling of how neat and interesting it was as I could relate to it remembering when the records came out and the songs featured on them. However this was quickly replaced by a gnawing feeling of... shit, my childhood is in a museum.

Life 1 - Markus 0.

The rest of the day was spent in Fremont, wandering around deciding what house we would live in if we would live in Seattle. For those of you who know it; Fremont is like a clean version of Berkley California - hip shops and organic restaurants.

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