Jan 9, 2012

A Swede at Swensen's

I am sure there is a perfectly logical reason to why kids learn to say 'no' before they start to say 'yes' (or 'ya' as Miss Cupcake says it with a heavy german accent. Don't ask me why.), and I am sure that in the end it is the parents fault. It always is.


The same way it is perfectly normal that a kid learns to say 'chocolate' (or 'choco-la-la' as Miss Cupcake says it. She handles languages the way she wants to. She is a woman in the end.) before they start to say 'broccoli'. Kids are in the end masters of prioritization. 

The other day we spent an amazing day at Baker beach, and the perfect way to end it was to get some ice cream on the way back home. Actually the perfect way would have been to go for ice cream with Beach Boys blasting out from a 1958's black Ford Mustang Convertible, but you can not have it all. So we settled for ice cream. 

Not so great idea was to tell Miss Cupcake about the plan before even going into the car as she spent the 15 minute car ride saying/screaming/singing 'ice cream' (she actually does not change that word in any way. Go figure!).

We managed to get to Swensen's ice cream parlor, best place around San Francisco, where we ordered ice cream for mom and dad, and Miss Cupcake would share with the two. She ended up stealing Sexy Mom's ice cream.

Master of prioritization. I told you so.

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