Jan 11, 2012

A Star has Been Born

It is no news that when you go on vacation, you disconnect from work. By definition, vacations is when you are not working, so why keep the information in your head, right? At the dentist the other day I was asked for my telephone number for example. Had been deleted from the hard drive. I had to look it up on the Internet.

So then it not weird that things like this happen when you come back to work: I get up as always on a work Monday, walk down to Van Ness and take the shuttle bus to the Yahoo! office in Sunnyvale. So far so good. I wake up as always at the same batch in the road just before the bus takes a turn and I wipe the drool off my face to get into the office. Nothing weird so far. The weird stuff happens when I get up the the second floor. 

The tops of the cubicles have been removed, so instead of having closed cubicles, it is now an open office space.
My reaction; this is not my floor, so I walk halfway up to the next floor, where I used to sit before, when I realize that I was on the right floor. 

I walk back and down the aisle to my window desk, which is completely empty.  
My reaction; it is still the wrong floor... somehow. 

This is when I see my name on the cubicle entrance, confirming it is my cubicle. 
My reaction; I start to look for the hidden camera. 

I peak inside and find the cubicle completely empty; no books, no photos, no nothing. 
My reaction; I take out my phone to check if it is the 1st of April. It was not. 

This is when I spot my stuff in a box on the floor. 
My reaction; I have been fired! How do I break the news to my wife...

Then I see a box on the table, which I carefully open, as it might include a note of my pending departure from Yahoo!, and inside it I find a SuperStar award in my name. 
My reaction; complete brain meltdown. 

After re-booting my brain, and talking to my cubicle neighbors, I realize that they removed the tops of the cubicles during Christmas, and they needed to remove the things as I have a stand up table. The award was given months ago, but I thought it was a different team, not mine. 

All Mondays should be like this. Makes going to the office an adventure.  

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