Jan 12, 2012

A moment to Remember

We are sleep training little Miss Cupcake, meaning trying to get her to sleep around nine and that she falls asleep by herself. The folks working to try and bring peace to the middle east might think they face an impossible task... However we like to think like Adidas; impossible is nothing.

And they might even be right, because so far so good. We read. She has her night bottle and then we give a night kiss and walk out of the room. Then she comes out and we put her back. And then she comes out after five minutes and we put her back. And like that until she falls asleep. She actually is going great. Last night she did not come out at all, just told me; 'papa sleeping time'. 

Not sure if she referred to her going to bed, or that I should go to bed... However, she did fall asleep shortly after. The other night that did not happen though. Daddy stayed with Miss Cupcake until she fell asleep and an additional hour. Why? Very simple. We did the usual routine. Read some books, had the night bottle, and when I was just about to leave, she turns to me, and whispers; 'daddy, big hug'. And she opens her small arms and gives me a big hug, clinging tight and surprisingly strong. She stroked my ear, like she does with her teddy bear, so I am not sure if it has been replaced. 

I would not mind. He can find another job. 

After ten minutes I realize she has fallen asleep, still embraced to my neck. If you would have searched for 'happiness', there would have been a picture of me. I had the biggest smile on my face. I stayed like that as long as I could but my arm eventually starting numbing off. When circulation started to become an issue, I eventually, reluctantly, left the room.  

Heaven is to be hugged by my baby. 

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