Dec 16, 2011


Especially after a year like this one, that makes Red-Bull seem like an infusion for relaxation, the last Friday before going on holidays is greeted with a huge smile on my face. Especially when the day includes working from San Francisco, taking a walk in the wonderful, crisp and sunny winter weather to have lunch with Sexy Mom and Lucas Grassi at a wonderful Dim Sum. My smile will be eternal for two and a half weeks.

However, all of a sudden, that smile goes numb. Literally. Say hello to two of my wisdom teeth. Also know as Mr. Asshole and Sir Douchebag. Mr. Asshole is the one to the right. Notice the hook... They used to be in my mouth, where they have dedicated themselves to bullying the rest of my teeth; smoking, harassing the ladies, drinking too much and being loud and obnoxious. 

However revenge is served cold. Or in this case served with a Santa Claus-like dentist with some badd-ass tools, local anesthesia and some James Brown wiggling moves.

Oh yes, nothing says Christmas like pulling out teeth. So long - suckers!!

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