Dec 4, 2011

Just One More Push...

We are now in December. I don't really know how that happened, and the fact that it is sunny and twenty degrees outside does not help to locate myself in the calendar. I would guess a strangely decorated August. However. It has been an amazingly intense year and we are now in its final stages, with one last effort before entering 'couch-potato' mode on Friday the 16th of December.

Yes. Holidays! There are two big projects to go; the green card process and a business trip to Taiwan. The Green Card process, besides being four hundred million forms to fill out, also include a medical exam where they draw blood, check your immunization records and listen to your heart. Oh, and charge you 1,200 dollars for it. Anyways, we are now all done; healthy, vaccinated and everything documented on three different forms and in four copies. Don't blame me for wiping out a considerable chunk of the rain forrest due to all the papers; it is Uncle Sam's fault!

As you read this, I am hopefully on a plane over the pacific ocean somewhere on my way to Taipei, where I will spend one week giving training sessions on SEO. It will be my first time in Asia, and I am very much looking forward to it, even though I now am in the 'will miss my girls too much' stage. The strange thing is not going to Taiwan, the weird thing is that I am going to a concert the night I leave (The National) and on the night I come back (Death Cab for Cutie - best song at the moment!).

Why make things simple?


  1. Hola Sr. Markus, te vas a Taiwan? Cuando? Estáis muy cerquita de mi, 2 horas de vuelo... Estoy en España ahora! Cuentame ..Fla