Dec 12, 2011

'Look! Snow!'

There is a story back home that is told every now and then at family gatherings. Luckily this story I don't mind listening to, actually I find it very sweet. It is not like the one about me, when I was eight or nine, telling my parents who wanted to go home after a family dinner that 'why did you come in the first place if you want to go home so early?'. Imagine what I get back ever since that day if I say I want to go home... Sometimes it is better to keep your mouth shut! 
So let's go back to the nice story. Much better. This story is about myself, being around one, and sitting on the kitchen table back at my parents place seeing snow for the first time. Imagine it. As a child seeing white things falling from the sky for the first time. Makes total sense to react the way I did, pointing and repeating over and over again; 'but... look, what... but what... look, but... what...'

This weekend I took Miss Cupcake to the California Academy of Science. Our membership is the best investment ever made this year as Miss Cupcake goes absolutely crazy, running around looking at fishes and other animals. She just loves it. This time, they had a Christmas special where a machine was creating snow, even though it was really very small soap bubbles. 

I tried to explain to Miss Cupcake what this was, and she just stood there; looking and thinking... 

It is clear, that snow is a mysterious phenomena. Be that real or fake one. 

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