Dec 11, 2011

The Hotel and the Office

Business travel can be summarized in one simple phrase; "I only had time to see the hotel and the office". I do not know how many times I will get the opportunity to go to Taiwan. Hopefully more, because I had to leave without having time to see much. Well, nothing really. 

Yes, you guessed it. The hotel and the office.

I felt a bit like a kid standing in front of the window of a candy store without any money. Salivating. Just change the candy store with Taipei, and the store window with a window of a taxi. There I was sitting. Pressing my nose against the window, watching all the people, motor bikes, small alleys with tiny shops, food stands with signs in Chinese, and I could only imagine the sounds, the smells and the energy of Taipei.  

And I loved it!
Kitty call home

However I could not break out from the cocoon of going from the hotel to the office, so when I came back home, I ended up showing Sexy Mom all the photos from the trip. All eight of them. Six were from the airport. Because at the airport Hello Kitty sponsors the baby station where families can attend the little ones, and the phone booth first of all exist (think about it, how many have you seen lately?), and it is also pink and all 'Hello Kittied-up'. 

And the women's bathroom had a funny sign. That was all the Kodak moments on my trip. 

I can only hope I can pull an Arnold and 'be back'!

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