Dec 7, 2011


This picture is taken from a taxi running through the streets of Taipei in Taiwan. I am sitting in this taxi. Having one of those moments where you are not really sure if you are awake or not as everything seems a bit surreal. Last time that happend was in New York. I was doing an internship in Washington D.C and went up to New York for the 4th of July weekend to see a Japanese friend I had met in San Sebastian in Spain. We went to a party in Brooklyn with her boyfriend that was studying to be a jazz drummer. 

Wait. We still haven't reached the surreal part. The party was at a flat, and we went up on the rooftop where you could overlook the river and the entire New York skyline. I did not speak to anyone the entire night, I was just looking at the skyline thinking; am I really seeing this?!?

Now it happened again, after getting on a plane in LA two days later than expected due to some passport issues. I fell asleep after dinner and the epic classic movie 'The Hangover' only to wake up, after what felt like half an hour with an aching shoulder only to realize we were starting the descent into Taipei. I had slept for eight hours. 

Walking out of the airport a big black Mercedes with dimmed windows was awaiting me to take me to the hotel for a quick shower, and then a big black BMW, where the chofer had white gloves and a somewhat disturbing love for the Backstreet Boys (yes, I did hum along...), took me to the Yahoo! office in Taipei. I have never been so close to feel like a rock star. 

So there I am; a kid from Grubbe, in Asia in a taxi somewhere, coming from San Francisco. Not that weird that I can only think; is this really happening?

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