Nov 4, 2011

Hello, my name is Markus

I am a music nerd. It is my biggest passion in life alongside my girls. I relate most things to music, most feelings comes with a soundtrack, I remember a lot of places from records that were bought there. I have an unhealthy relation to record buying that I have no intention in trying to 'remedy'.

As my friend Nacho would put it; "Music is Love".

So the weekend is here and I was sitting by myself in the Yahoo! cafeteria bobbing my head probably a bit too much to music that is perfect for a weekend.

What is on the menu? Nothing special.

Only the best rock video ever made. Watching the Hives do a cover of the Hellacopters make me want to drink alcohol, kiss girls and break stuff.

The Soundtrack of our lives plays at a youth hostel somewhere on an island outside of Stockholm and it looks like a house party that they forgot to invite me to. 

The Sonics version of "Money" is used to see if people are alive as it is against nature to sit still after the initial "wow!".

The Tallest Man on Earth is usually a lot more mellow, however this version of the Son Volt classic is simply amazing.

Dolly Parton made by Jack White. Anything else to add?

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