Nov 6, 2011

Miss Cupcake's Anatomy

We don't have a tv at home. It was a conscious decision we took when we arrived in San Francisco as the tv is an enormous time consumer even though there is never anything on. This does not mean we do not watch television series. I said we have no tv, but we do have computers. And lots of them. There are more computers living at our home than humans. For a parent, being able to choose when something goes on is very handy. 
Currently we are on season three of Mad Men, which has made us want to wear a suit, smoke and drink whiskey all the time, and we are also big Grey's Anatomy fans, which has not really made us want to cut up people luckily, nor have bad relationships, but we like it anyways for some reason. 

Not sure if having Miss Cupcake watch it would help her figure out the anatomy of the human body, but it is unlikely to make it worse...