Nov 3, 2011

Boys are stupid

'Oh, look at her', you might say. So cute looking out of the window on-top of the little red piano which she plays 'twinkle twinkle little star on' with the trick or treat bag in her hand. Well, actually Sexy Mom plays and Miss Cupcake sings, but the fact to remember is that it is a children's song, ok?

Don't let her fool you I say! This is in the end a future woman we are talking about! This is not some innocent game. She is not playing I tell you, she is, again, flirting with the waiter at the French restaurant next door. She climbs up on the piano, waives at him while he takes a break to smoke, and screams 'hello' (so far she has not learned how to say 'bonjour', but it is only a matter of time). Then she will show him stuff that might lure him in, today the trick or treat bag. 

There will be a follow-up conversation on this subject with little Miss Flirty-pants.  

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