Nov 10, 2011

Change is good, they say...

When looking at this photo, you might observe, if you have been at our house before, that we have re-decorated Miss Cupcake's room. You might even think that it looks nice. Hopefully you think that it looks really well organized. 
That would make me very happy, rememberI see a different thing. I see Miss Cupcake growing up too fast. For example, I see that the crib is no longer in the room. You see the white book shelve? That is where the crib used to stand. There is where my little girl would sleep until she was big enough to climb out of it. Now she sleeps in the big scary, at least for me, bed. 

On the corner of the crib, we had a organizer that Sexy Mom did where we would keep dipers, wipes and pacifiers. Well, now she no longer uses pacifier. We decided to take it away and she now has gone two weeks without one. So far, she seems to not care so much, it is not turning into a traumatic experience. 

It is for me though. 

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