Nov 2, 2011

Doing Some Marketing

We are here to please, you know that right? All of you coming by here every now and then, I hope it is more 'now' though then anything else, are our best friends. Kiss to you! And best friends should be happy. 

This is our way of trying to make things easier.

I know that when you are at work in the lunch room taking out your pesto pasta freshly made from the microwave oven and get ready for small talk time, or when you just made a perfect backhand cross down the tennis court and don't want to boast about it instead share some general knowledge, or when you just spilled over a beer on the lap of the girl you like and need to find a conversation to change subject (and fast), it is now way easier to remember us. 

Thanks to the lovely Sexy Mom, we now have the domain:

Sweet, isn't?!? Makes is so much easier to know what is going on around here, like the fact that Miss Cupcake now knows the difference between a cross, a triangle, a circle and a square.

I wonder how that happened? 

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