Oct 14, 2011

'I'll be back'

There are two natural enemies to any parent, and I don't refer to the in-laws. No, I am talking real enemies. Archenemies if I may. The Joker to Batman, Lex Luthor to Superman, hamburgers to vegetarians. Enemies that are there whatever you do, and appear over and over again no matter how many times you stop their evil plans to rule the world at the last second by cutting the red cord. Or was it the blue one? Anyways, enemies.  
Yes, I am of course talking Mr. 'Poop' and Mr. 'Teeth'. They have something in common, apart from being purely evil of couse, and that is that you loose all control. There is nothing you can do. It is like putting out a fire by peeing, not much use, unless you had to go anyways. It does not matter how tired your child is, if the diaper is still clean, you can only read the book for the fifth time and hope that the laws of gravity help you out.

And when your child is teething, which Miss Cupcake is currently doing, not only do you have to change t-shirt twenty times a day as she is drooling more than a teenage boy at the sight of a bra strap, she will go hyper. Completely and utterly hyper. The Duracell bunny looks at her with an envious look. And all you can really do is just wait until it goes over. And when it does, you can rest for a while, always with one eye open as your archenemy will always come back, with an even more twisted plan this time, and you will be ready, waiting.

Not too bad of a post, right? Maybe I shouldn't say that this entire 'archenemies' thing is just a bad excuse to be able to get this photo up, as I really like it. Could be the next spokesperson for Duracell right there.  

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  1. Hey Markus

    You should try teething crystals