Aug 17, 2011

The Bet of all Bets

We have had some fun with my beard in the past, but this time is serious. Dead serious. Serious looks silly in comparison to this. Ladies and gentlemen; Sexy mom and myself have made a bet!

Not some sissy child's bet. This is a bet that will be looked back upon as a clash between titans, a psycologic warfare without boundaries, a bet that will change the future, or possibly my wardrobe at least. It is very easy; I bet I can stay from now (last weekend) until our return from Europe, within a month and a half more or less, without touching the beard. Let it grow as it pleases. She for some reason says I cannot do it, not sure why, just because last attempt ended on day four... 

The price? I will show you when I win...

What do you all think? Who will win? No hard feelings if you think Sexy Mom will win. Just don't expect me to talk to you again.

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