Aug 8, 2011

Following Orders

Miss Cupcake is blabbering all the time now, never stops. Some words make sense, most of them don't. At least to me. It started with a simple 'look', which is officially her first word, to now be a chaos of words in all kinds of languages. The latest ones include 'jump' and 'again'. She tends to use them together.

The other day I had one of those magical moments with Miss Cupcake, showing just how she is evolving and becoming more aware of her surrounding. Apart from the 'no' and 'mine' part that she nailed down for sure by now. 

We were in the living room, and she takes my hand. We go over to the crib and she points at the blanket, and I give it to her. Then she takes me to the kitchen, and she points at the pacifier and says 'tutu' ('pacifier' in Swedish is 'tutte'). I give it to her. Then she takes me, still by the hand, to the bookshelf and she picks out a book that she carries herself over to the sofa, where she pats the seat, looks at me and goes 'pa-pa sit down'.

Crystal clear! 

We sat down, with the blanket, and read the book.

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