Aug 7, 2011

Change Dolars to Quarters

We decided to take walk down to the Musee Mecanique today, which is really an arcade full of antique slot machines with an unhealthy urge for your quarters ranging from orchestrions, coin operated pianos, and antique slot machines. Perfect when you are in the company of a certain Miss Cupcake with limited attention span. 

At a venue like this you expect the fortune tellers and and the love meter (I was stone cold apparently...), and they were all standing there waiting for us patiently. 

I was not really prepared though for some of the other stuff you can find. I still don't get why you would build a slot machine called "the Opium-Den" or "English Execution"?!? Yes, we tried them. No, they did not live up to their insanely cool names.

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