Jul 11, 2011

What does the lion say?

Big cities tend to have a lot of people. People, especially in the US, tend to have cars. Sundays is a day when people don't tend to work. Put those together and you tend to have a lot of traffic on Sundays. If you like extreme sports, which seems to be the case with the mayor in San Francisco, or whoever decides over the traffic, you top this off by cutting off some of the mayor streets in San Francisco around Golden Gate Park. Result - chaos.

So we managed to get to the San Francisco Zoo way later than expected. We had great fun though, as Miss Cupcake just loves animals, especially the penguins who she refers to as ¨I lo lo's.¨ Seeing the monkeys jump around only made her think 'I can do that waaay better'. She got some pretzels and got to pat goats and sheep. What more can you ask for on a Sunday? (Mr Daddy got himself a beer so he was happy as well).

They had horses as well...

Showing grandpa what the train sounds like

Patting goats

On the way back we stopped at the cliff house because the weather was amazing (at least according to the swedes, mom and grandpa was of a different opinion) and we ran around barefoot on the beach, picking stones. My favorite part of the day for sure!

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