Apr 14, 2011

I love you!

I took Miss Cupcake to the doctor the other day for some vaccine shots and blood tests. She got chocolate covered oranges when she got back, it was not a good day to be a baby. At the doctor's office they ask you all kinds of questions, including "do you leave your baby unattended at home" (sigh...), and one of them were "how many words can your baby say".

My initial thought was, does all languages count? However my estimation was much lower than reality when I later consulted Sexy Mom about it. Her vocabulary now includes the standard mom, dad, no, and other more exotic words such as ñam ñam ("it's good" or "want to eat"), "kaka" (it might be brown but refers to a cookie in Swedish), all kinds of animal sounds especially "moo", and she can now say "I lo lo", which of course means "I love you".

Pinkie was an option...

So when Sexy Mom bought a fish the other day, after being inspired by the Japanese movie Ponyo about a goldfish that wants to be human (see it if you can - simply wonderful!), it of course got the name "I love you", so please, say hello and welcome to the latest member of the Oviedo-Renström family.

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