Apr 19, 2011

Call me Mr Writer

I mentioned a while ago that I got a present from my cousin a while ago listing the 101 things to do before you die, and I only got 15 so far, and that being quite generous in how to interpret the things you need to do...

However, to the point, one of the things is to publish a book. Ladies and gentlemen, in the days of internet, ones and zeros, blogs where any idiot can talk about their daily life in some far away country, getting your word on paper is not an easy thing.

Today I got my book! My wonderful wife, the real writer of the family, challenged me to write, and so I did. I did some poetry, but I really feel more comfortable writing short stories. I wrote a short story after reading a Boris Vian book, it is surrealist stories about a man that wants to kill a beast under his bed that makes thinking difficult.

Holding the book in my hand for the first time was an incredible feeling, so proud! Maybe someone will even read it someday. The book is an anthology of short stories, called Narrando Contracorriente, published by Ediciones Escalera in Spain, where you can also get the book. So thanful for getting the space alongside some great writers and friends.

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