Apr 29, 2011

Let's call it "get inspired by"

Some of the greatest companies of all times did not actually invent the thing that they sell, they "got the inspiration" from an existing product. So Sexy Mom should really see this as an appreciation as I write this completely unique blog entry, from an original idea by myself, not copied from anyone, simply I got the inspiration from something completely different over at GoldenGateBabies.

This is an easy one, can you spot the differences?

Early 2010

Early 2011

There are some obvious things:

-Leah is a lot bigger
-Both of my girls have longer hair
-We are in a different apartment
-We are in different countries
-Dad got a new tattoo

But what I am really looking for is harder to spot. It is small. It is powerful. Men don't let it go in the first place... Yes, the TV remote control! How I miss it...

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