Jul 3, 2011

Haben sie eine Munich getengen?

Like Arnold, former "Terminator", "Governator" and now "Spermanator" would put it - I'm back! It is great to be back in the right dimension with my girls, and on top of it great weather and 4th of July coming up!


Munich was very intense; a surprisingly vibrant and beautiful city, beer, great weather, beer and work around the clock, and some after-work beer. Living in the US, it is great to come back to a northern European city. First you are stricken by the fact that everything smells clean, the train from the airport did not make a sound (if you have ever taken the Bart in SF you know what I mean), and people bike to work, or anywhere. You feel like home really, and you kind of miss it.

Note to "parents-who-might-get-glad-thinking-I-am-moving-home": I said "kind of"...

Bavarian style house

My "26 hours later" face

My friend Augustiner

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