Jun 29, 2011


Prepare for my most Sci-Fi post ever. Multiple dimensions. No aliens. One cupcake.

You are hopefully reading this today, on Wednesday, as you of course have this blog as your browser home page. If you do not know how to set that up, send me a mail. However I am writing this on Sunday (hi from the past!) as I tend to do. I am sitting in the living room, listening to Chet Baker, with a cold beer while my ladies are taking a nap, and I am writing the posts of this week.

When you read this, I will not be in San Francisco, but in Munich, Germany. I am off all week to work from the Yahoo! office there (Hope you are having fun Munich Markus. Love, San Francisco Markus!), and I will be missing my ladies terribly. This blog tend to be a lot about Miss Cupcake, some about San Francisco and Sexy Mom. However there are very few pictures of Mr and Mrs together. And we look awfully good together. Just look at us!! No wonder we are all over the press!!

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  1. Have a second cupcake Markus, and I challenge you to find the time to write blog posts so regularly!