Jun 28, 2011

Apartment previously known as "house"

In case you did not know, I studied marketing. That decision was based more from excluding the things I did not like, than from my love of the practice itself. Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed my studies, however I did not know that someone had carefully placed a banana peel at the entrance from school, that I ended up tripping on, and now I work as the Head of SEO at Yahoo! Is it marketing? Not really. Is it fun? Sure is!

Also happens that the marketing person of the family is the one that studied to be a translator. Sexy Mom has an amazing business mind, and comes up with slogans such as "Let's convert this house into a home". Note to Ikea: I have registered this slogan... So that is what we have been doing lately, with some help of Ikea (still not getting the slogan!).

Mirror finally on the wall (apparently I am the most beautiful...)

More space for records, and family photos

New kitchen table and poster on wall

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