Jun 27, 2011

Treasure Island Flea Market

Just from the name itself, you can't help to think that you will find something amazing when going to the "Treasure Island Flea Market". Even though we found some things, that might not qualify as treasures, the island in-between San Francisco and Oakland is a mysterious place. It is a former military base, and the only thing left are abandoned buildings that held some quite of genetic tests, nuclear science stuff, or at least people in uniform. The scenery would fit any Hollywood movie. Add the DJ playing 60:ies music and the San Francisco skyline in the background, and it is a weird and lovely place!

What we found were things I don't know the name of in English, like a stool (had to look that one up), a urn-type thing to put on the table for decorating purposes only (high kitch factor!) and a "thing-you-put-on-the-floor-made-of-wood-to-put-the-magazines". Oh yes, and a hot dog.

Nice clothes = dirt magnet

The place was full of babes!

View of San Francisco from Treasure Island

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