Apr 5, 2011

Beach girls

I admit it, it is my fault. It is a simply law of life, so simple I should know it by now. "Just don't say it out loud". I did.

When I discovered Stinson Beach, did I simply keep it to myself and not say what I had on my mind to make sure the universe did not have an opportunity to intervene? No, I ran home saying to Silvia that I had found a great spot that we have to go to "when the weather is nice." Ah, silly old me. The universe of course took notice, and made sure that from that day on, it rained every single weekend.

Finally, this weekend the sun came back, and we hit the road to the beach, and had a great day. Miss Cupcake was like crazy, running up and down, face covered in sand and trying to catch the waves, seamlessly unaware of how incredibly cold the water was. Can't wait to go back when the weather is nice... wait! I mean, no! Don't want to go back! We want rain, every weekend! Oh, whatever...

To the water!

Beach babes

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