Apr 7, 2011

Rare kodak moments

There are some pictures that resist to materialize for some reasons. And most time it is the picture that makes most sense of all, but they manage to get away at the last second, like Houdini scared of flashes.

We had our good friend and great photographer Cristina Del Barco come over the other day to shoot some picture of Silvia on the rooftop (they are amazing, will post soon!) and also to take some pictures of the three of us together. Because yes, we have about a million, wait, actually a billion pictures of Miss Cupcake, alone in most cases, but also posing with Sexy Mom or Mr Daddy. However a picture of the three, we have about... four.

The same happens with my mom, currently over to take care of Miss Cupcake while we are at work. There are very few pictures of the two of us, so here you go, a rare one to keep; me and my mom at Cafe Trieste in San Francisco.

Grandma and Mr Daddy

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