Feb 13, 2011

Stinson Beach

I have found the place where I want to live when I get old (skip the "you are already old jokes", you get what I mean!). Mom and dad, don't worry, I just mean that I have found the kind of place where I would like to settle down when I am old and grey (as I said, no jokes...), it doesn't necessarily have to be here. Although I have spotted the house where Silvia and me are going to live as well...

The place is called Stinson Beach, I went there yesterday after going to Muir Woods, and it is a lovely place, perfect for me! Beautiful and quiet beach that goes on forever, it is warm and nice but there is always a nice chilly breeze that keeps you from boiling over. The beach is not full of shops for tourists and the views are amazing - it is perfect!

I can see myself when I am retired walking down the beach in the morning with our dog (no idea where that one came from!), having a nice house with a garden and views of the ocean, and when you get bored, you are just an hour away from the big city. Any downsides? You can't do topless. You can't have everything now can you...

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