Mar 21, 2011

Going Columbus

This weekend it has been raining, a lot. This was mixed with an amazingly strong wind that managed to rip our umbrella apart, so I folded it and threw it away (internal joke, please discard.). We have some friends, Lia and Patrick, that have talked about the Bay Area Discovery museum, which more than a museum is a great place to set your kids loose as everything is built for curious child hands. So considering the weather, it was a great day to check it out.

We had a blast! Especially the section with the water beds that the kids can jump on, tunnels with water falling on top and just all the kids that you can run around and poke on. Don't tell anyone, but the grown ups also tried most stuff with a childish expression on their face. And yes, she fell asleep early. We all did.

Going nuuuuuuts!!

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  1. Fantastiskt roligt farmor says. Tumla runt i tre stora vattensängar, där en har akvarium i taket,med en massa barn. Tänk vad de kan i Amerika.