Mar 12, 2011

Dressed for success

Leah is for sure going to be a very stylish young woman, simply from the fact that she will start to want to look like her beautiful mother at some point in time. However she is still a baby, but there has been a significant change that last couple of weeks.

Before putting some kind of decoration that not filled the function of keeping her warm was mission impossible. Everything was thrown back at you with a surprising rate of precision that only got better with time. Then all of a sudden, just by putting a flower in her hair and saying "wow, you look sooo cute", she did not only not throw it back at you, she looked awfully pleased with the compliment, as all women get (but don´t tell them, it is the only weapon we men have left!).

To my big suprise, today she even agreed to putting on her star-shades. Not only that, she takes them off and puts them on, especially when the paparazzis come too close...

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