Feb 4, 2011

Typically Spanish

Silvia and I have been together little over three years now. One thing that I love about being with her is that each year get more and more intense. We always say, "in two months things will calm down".

They never do. This is of course something positive as really, really good things happen all the time, we just have to de-prioritize sleep for now.

Baby Suitcase
To give an example; just recently something happened that turned everything upside down, again (more news to come!). This means that Sexy Mom will not be able to travel to Spain as planned in April. We got the news Tuesday this week. On Wednesday she had rescheduled her flight. On Thursday she was running all over the place to pack, and today Friday, Leah and her are off to Spain for two weeks.

These are things that happen all the time in our family; all of a sudden you are living in San Francisco, or all of a sudden you get a new job and you are off to Spain for two weeks (ups, it slipped my tongue...).

I will miss them like crazy, but I will try to take the opportunity to relax, sleep and enjoy the weather. I know I should say drink beer, watch football and read Playboy, but who am I kidding...

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